Asset Management

Asset Management

Ithraa Capital has a mission to serve its clients with innovative and customized investment solution meeting their investment requirements whilst complying with the principles of Islamic Sharia. Our asset management services include a choice of quality investment products designed to help you realize your wealth’s fullest potential. To achieve this, we are preparing a selection of innovative investment funds as well as discretionary portfolios of customized investment solutions for our privileged clientele. (Should we put this – The division’s primary geographic focus is on the GCC, MENA and Europe, with a longer term vision of providing clients with global product offerings. OR say global).

We at Ithraa Capital strive to provide outstanding long-term investment performance and best-in-class service to a diverse client base, which includes governments, institutions, corporations and individuals across the world, specifically to Middle East. We structure and manage a range of Sharia compliant open ended and close ended funds. These funds span the full risk spectrum and come with a host of innovative features and advantages.

Our packaged and bespoke solutions are suitable for the investment needs of all investors by offering a broad range of products for local, regional and global markets appropriate to their risk-return profile and time horizon.

We have the qualified team of the investment and research professionals possessing domestic and international exposure in managing the sharia-based investment products. They are highly skilled and experienced in administering products for clients amid their defined return objectives and risk parameters.

Ithraa capital offers you the following investment services:

  • Mutual Funds (public)
  • Mutual Funds (Private Placement)
  • Discretionary portfolio Management
  • Structured Products
  • Fiduciary Placements
  • Private Equity
  • Real estate
  • International Trade Finance

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy follows a disciplined approach to investing with a strong focus towards process orientation; this being the common thread running through all our schemes.

The key guiding principle to our investment philosophy is to maximize the risk- adjusted returns for our investors in the respective asset classes while creating wealth over the long-term. We are confident that our process-oriented investment approach will help us to cater the investment objective of the client at the maximum potential.

Long Term Orientation

Ithraa’s portfolio managers are strong believers in consistently delivering risk-adjusted performance. The key word is consistency. We believe that it is not important to be a top performer at any time and we attach more importance to being among the top quartile in the peer group consistently, and this requires taking a long-term view.

Team Approach

While individual portfolio managers are the ultimate decision makers for the scheme they manage, the belief is that working together can achieve greater results than acting alone. That is why every investment decision that is researched by the analysts is discussed intensively at regular investment team meetings, and the analysis is available to all investment team members on a common platform. Moreover, the high degree of interaction between investment team members helps share and learn from each other’s experience and expertise.

Fundamental Approach

Our investment decisions are guided more by what we believe in, less by what the market thinks. That is the reason once we buy into a stock, take a maturity position in a debt portfolio or get the real estate exposure based on our fundamental research and analysis; we stick to our position without paying heed to market rumours and whisper estimates. We believe that while technical can rule the roost in the short term, it is the fundamentals that prove rewarding over time.

We believe that the financial markets also contain inefficiencies that can be exploited by applying active management strategies through asset allocation, sector rotation, stock picking, country allocation & timing strategies.