Our Strategic Partners

Our Strategic Partners

Atheeb Group

theeb Group is a major diversified group established since 1985, based in Saudi Arabia and operating across the Middle East and in the wider region, Atheeb Group succeeded in the market, and it is in the stage of expanding its business in the region.

Its business activities focus on Shipping Stevedoring, Medical Services, IT and Telecommunications, Operations and Maintenance, Real Estate Investment, Contracting, Fund Investment and providing hard ware and services to the Military.

Ithmaar Bank

Group consists of:

  1. Ithmaar Bank (Previously Shamil Bank of Bahrain)
  2. Solidarity (Islamic Insurance Co.),
  3. Faisal Private Bank (Switzerland),
  4. Faysal Bank Ltd(Pakistan),
  5. First Leasing Ba
  6. Ithmaar Development Co.
  7. Bank Bahrain and Kuwait

thmaar Bank offers a full range of Financial and Banking Solutions with a Global Perspective.


  • First Investment Company formed in Kuwait
  • Established in 1961.
  • nstrumental in Developing the Financial and Investment industry in Kuwait and Middle East.
  • KIC has set the standards of Initiating and Managing Financial Institutions applying only the strictest of International Standards.
  • Over the past five years KIC has achieved record performance and profits despite the downturn of the national economy
Al Nahal

  • Since its inception in the 1930’s by one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest Business Families, AL NAHLA GROUP has evolved into one of the most influential Trading and Contracting Companies in KSA.
  • The Group focuses on the Financial, Industrial, Real Estate, Hotel and Commercial sectors in the MENA region.
  • AL NAHLA’S Urban Development Co. is one of the largest private land owners in KSA.